Introducing Du Laddak Birman Cats

A Reputable Cat Breeder

At Du Laddak Birman Cats we are passionate about our animals. We love helping people find the perfect new addition for their families and enjoy a reputation as a kind and caring Cat Breeder. Find out more about us and about our animals below. We are mainly breeding chocolate-point boys and chocolate-tortie-girls with sometime some lilac. We are member of CFA, TICA & Cat Club Alsace Franche-Comté (in France).



All About Us

Du Laddak Birman Cats is a celebrated Cat Breeder based in San Diego, California. We have been breeding animals since 1986, with a focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We strive to breed the best animals we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy. This is a hobby and not a business. We only produce a few kittens each year. My male is neutered now. I need to import a new male to renews the blood line. So far I do have a promising blue-point male born in France in May 2022. His name would be Telemaque and he would not be able to come to the USA before the end of October 2022. He will then not be active before the end of Spring of that year.  I went to France with Olwen and breed her with a chocolate point, but this operation cost me a little fortune. So I may have one kitten available in Fall, but it will be a costly one. Thanks.


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The Extraordinary Adventure of the Sacred Cat of Burma

This book is the result of 10 years of research on the legend and origin of the Birman Cat before 1940.

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Guiding Philosophy

At Du Laddak Birman Cats, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each animal. If we do not think your home is the best place for them, we will redirect you to a different Cat Breeder who might be a better fit. To reserve an animal, please get in touch. Note, we will not separate our babies from their mothers until they are old enough.